5 Tips to reduce cockroaches

Like every living creature an essential part of survival is food, water & shelter. 

This being the reason why homes and commercial kitchens are a prime location for cockroaches. Cockroaches will eat almost anything not only food scraps but they will eat things such as grease, toothpaste, oil and more and once a suitable location is found that can provide them with all their needs this then becomes there nesting location as they do not have to travel far for their needs just like humans!

5 tips that can help you reduce cockroaches breeding around your home from our experience are

  1. SHELTER – Ensuring joinery, gaps and holes are sealed to reduce breeding locations such as skirting boards, kitchen basins & kick boards,benches etc . You can easily seal these things yourself with silicon or gap filler
  2. FOOD – Ensure food scraps are emptied into bind and not left out over night, ensure dishes are rinsed so no scraps and residues are left on plates as the smallest spot of sauce or oil is enough to encourage activity.  A big one we see all the time is DOG FOOD! Cockroaches love dog and cat food so don’t leave the food dine in a bowl once your pet is finished remove the food. Ensure all your bins are emptied regularly (24 hours) the longer the bin sits there with old food the more cockroaches are drawn to this area and what a better spot to nest as usually the bin (food source) is located below the sink (water source)
  3. WATER –  Ensure benches are dry and free from water before you go to bed at night and fix any leaky taps. The more conditions that favour cockroaches are around the more cockroaches will breed. Cockroaches will breed more then normal if the environmental conditions are Favourable and the breeding cycle will actually happen quicker when these conditions are favourable meaning more cockroaches in a shorter period of time causing outbreaks throughout your home or establishment
  4. Ensure your food is stored in sealed containers which prevents cockroaches feeding on them. Cockroaches don’t need much of a gap to gain access therefore the best method is sealed containers
  5. This is a simple one but can make a difference, general cleaning and disinfecting benches. Cockroaches leave pheromones where they travel and harbour which otter cockroaches will follow resulting in clusters of cockroaches nesting in one area. By disinfecting the benches you are not only sanitising germs spread by these dirty little pests you are removing pheromones they leave for the other cockroaches reducing clusters or nesting sites.

The most effective way to ensure cockroaches are not using your home to breed is to have a professional pest control carried out atleast once a year as a professional treatment will target all internal and external areas including voids   Roofs , wall cavities and all those ideal hiding spots to ensure your home is peat free. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to use the 5 tips above. As pest control relies on also modifying the environment along with the application of pesticides to control the entire issue.