Pest Control Gold Coast | How Safe is Pest Control

How safe is pest control? Did you know ?

Modern day pest control is not like it was years ago with dangerous chemicals that wouldn’t break down in the environment or chemicals that would leave smelly odours.

Also there is no need to evacuate the house for days or empty all your cupboards and pantries.

Today’s modern day pest control when applied by a professional the correct way is completely safe for family and pets!

We even use chemicals that are registered for sensitive areas such as doctor surgeries, hospitals, commercial food premises AND there is no smells!

Pesticides come in a range of formulations in today’s era. These formulations are designed for various scenarios, baits that look like a blob of gel the size of a small freckle for cupboards , dusts that will travel under appliances to reach hard access areas and can be applied around electricals to avoid wet sprays, wet sprays which leave a long lasting residue to provide ongoing effect throughout the year, traps for chemical sensitive people and animals and yes we have dealt with both and still never had any incidents.

The chemicals used are designed and applied to target the pest and the kill rate of the chemical is based on the body weight of the insect. This in mind you can see how safe these chemicals are when it is designed to kill something that ways a few grams compared to humans and animals weighing kilos.

There are products for every scenario and every client and when these products are used by an experienced professional you and your family are in completely safe hands.

If you have any questions or are contemplating a Gold Coast pest control service we are happy to help or even be that voice on the other end of the phone to answer your questions!